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ESOF 2016 Manchester Special Issue

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: ESOF 2016 Manchester!

The 2016 edition of ESOF epitomises the fact that this conference has now matured into a landmark event. This year, ESOF will be held in Manchester, which is a location of choice. It offers an impressive scientific heritage, great living scientists, a tradition of technology innovation and an undying dynamism in the arts.

EuroScientist is proudly associated with ESOF, both of which are major activities of EuroScience. Our common goal is to critically examine the evolving relationship between science, policy and society. To that end, the EuroScientist journal offers members of the scientific community, civil society, industry and policy makers an ongoing forum designed to stimulate debates around topics ranging from Austerity and the Uberisation of Science through to Evidence-based Policy and Data Privacy. Importantly, the journal gives its audience an opportunity to engage on these issues prior to, during and beyond ESOF events — where they can discuss key issues that affect them all.

EuroScientist readers attending ESOF often have an out-of-the-box experience, linking scientists, policy makers, business people as well as the public. Too often at science conferences, attendees stay close to peers from their own research communities. However, ESOF, in its very architecture, favours unexpected meetings between people from different circles. This is where the magic of ESOF happens. At coffee breaks. Between sessions. During the dinners. At landmark visits. In public spaces. Indeed; ESOF is more than just another policy event. It goes well beyond that role. The event’s legacy will depend on the contributions of its attendees. Collectively, we will define ESOF’s evolution.

Sabine Louët, Editor EuroScientist

Gilles Mirambeau, Editorial Board EuroScientist

Peter Tindemans, Secretary General EuroScience

ESOF 2016 champion: Nancy Rothwell

By Edwin Colyer, Science Journalist, Manchester, UK.

Gender bias: a ladder made for men

By Vanessa Schipani, Science journalist, Philadelphia, USA.

Sound policies needed to frame scientific and technological progress

By Hywel Curtis, Science journalist, Manchester, UK.

Inspiring findings to expand the RRI scene

By Ralf Lindner and colleagues, ResAgora, part of the Go4 group of RRI projects.

How citizens' feedback can shape health research

By Hywel Curtis, Science journalist, Manchester, UK.

Disruptive innovation requires humanities' input

By Kirsten Drotner & Mariachiara Esposito, Science Europe, Brussels, Belgium.

The evolving relationship between business and science

By Hywel Curtis, Science journalist, Manchester, UK.

Featured image credit: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Mycatkins

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