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Welcome to the EuroScientist special ESOF 2014 issue!

We hope you will enjoy this issue, which is sponsored by ESOF 2014.

What can a conference like this one bring to you? Those among our readers who have a sweet tooth will agree that such events can be compared to the cherry on the cake of academic life. Once every two years, it is time to enjoy a stimulating flow of discussions. Participants are guaranteed to have fruitful encounters with other people from various horizons. They may not be like-minded but, at least, share similar concerns about European science, policy or science communication. This is what ESOF 2014 is about!

In this special issue of the EuroScientist, we have selected a series of themes from the event that we wish to bring to your attention. These are key issues where renewed discussions are essential to further the debate. We would also like to invite you to comments directly below each article and get the debate going in the running up to the event.

Clearly, communicating among academic peers is not enough for the cause of science to progress. As Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisory to the European Union, puts it, in an exclusive Skype interview to the EuroScientist: “One of the things I would really encourage is for scientists to get out and to communicate to people about the value of what we do,” she says.

The truth is that it requires energy and efforts to take action in the wake of these stimulating discussions. So, this year, we hope that ESOF 2014 will truly deliver some progress in the causes that concern all of those involved in European science, and its collaboration beyond our borders.

The conversation is about to begin. So join in!

You can also find out more about the EuroScientist by attending the ESOF 2014 session on the future of science communication.

You can get here a printed edition of this special issue.

The EuroScientist team.


Scientific advice revisited

Risk and uncertainty communication

Women in Science

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