ESOF 2012

ESOF 2012 Careers Programme

In 2012, Dublin will host the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF 2012), Europe’s largest multi-disciplinary scientific conference, from 11-15 July 2012. The Careers Programme will be a major aspect of ESOF 2012 and will showcase the spectrum of career opportunities available for researchers at all stages of their career.

Proposals for the careers programme track are welcomed from individuals and organisations from all backgrounds including the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Technology. ESOF are particularly interested in proposals for sessions that focus on the diversity of careers for researchers and the challenges of research careers in the current climate or as a global researcher.

More information on how to get involved can be downloaded here.

Leila Sattary

Leila is a freelance science writer specialising in science funding and research policy. She is a former editor of EuroScientist. She writes for a variety of online and print journals including news and features for Chemistry World, her Lab Rant column for Laboratory News and many more. In her day job she works as a Project Officer at the University of Oxford with particular interest in research policy, knowledge exchange and impact.
Leila Sattary

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