ESOF 2008: Science for a Better Life

EuroScience Open Forum 2008 in Barcelona lined up a cool looking programme for their event this summer 18-22 July in Barcelona. From “human mind and behaviour” and ” engineering the body” to ” science and art” and ” science communication” their scientific sessions look fun, but not as fun as the events “Tapas with the Prof.”!

Science communication might be of interest to blogers, but I’m afraid they don’t mention blogging at all:

“Scientists increasingly see communication with the public as an essential part of their work. But it is hard for them to communicate directly with non-scientists, so researchers normally have to go through the broadcast and print media. What are the pressures on journalists reporting on research, from editors demanding ‘sexy stories’ on one side and researchers denouncing hype on the other? How far should journalists go in simplifying and popularising complex issues? Maybe a little humour could help? And can scientists improve the underlying scientific understanding of the population by becoming more involved in schools?”

They also have some interesting stuff for the pupils and students.

Mićo Tatalović

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