Matt Black: electronic music, under the influence of science

The electronic/hip hop dance music scene may not be an obvious place for a biochemistry graduate from Oxford University, in the UK. But that’s exactly what has happened to Matt Black, member of the Coldcut music duo alongside long-term accomplice Jonathan More. Launched in the 1980s, the Coldcut’s signature style includes electronic dance music, featuring cut up samples of hip hop, breaks, jazz, spoken word and various other types of music, as well as video and multimedia.

In an interview with Sabine Louët, EuroScientist Editor, Black talks about the influence of science as well as science fiction and art in his early years. He explains how his scientific background and his exposure to computer science early in his career have influenced his future choices and his views of the world. He also reflects on the role that technology has had in his creative career.

In addition, to its music sampling and creative activities, Coldcut has also created in the 1990s an independent record label, called Ninja Tunes. Its purpose is to release music of a more underground, experimental nature, free from the restraints placed on artists by major labels.

Incidently, independent thinking is a trait that is also shared by many scientists.

Featured image credit: Matt Black

Sabine Louët

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One thought on “Matt Black: electronic music, under the influence of science”

  1. I find it interesting that so many, like Matt Black, have an interest in both electronic music and science fiction. I read an interview recently with British producer Regis, who has suggested that science fiction should become the inbuilt narrative for techno as it has none by default.