ECSJ2017: Science Communication 5.0

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: ECSJ2017: Science Communication 5.0!

EuroScientist is delighted to be able to share some of the discussions which took part during the 4th European Conference for Science Journalists in Copenhagen between 26th and 30th June 2017. They touched upon the evolving nature of science communication, how scientists are engaging with the public and issues related to evidence-based policy making. We would like to invite you to comment on individual articles using the dialogue box below each of the articles to continue the conversation.

Evolving nature of science communication

Citizen journalism: A phenomenon that is here to stay

By Anthony King, science journalist, Ireland.

Science can rival football or music for a fun night out – an interview with Jácome Armas

By Marta Apablaza, journalist at Núcleo Milenio CIWS, Chile.

Climate change goes pop

By Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan, science journalist, Germany.

Responsible science, responsible media

The Internet of toys: The digital lives of young children

By Karla Paz, science journalist Denmark.

Holding on to lies! Unlocking the cognitive mechanism behind misinformation

By Vedrana Simičević, journalist and editor at Novi list, Croatia.

Combating fake news in science

By Emily Nordvang, science journalist, UK.

Can more positive climate change reporting boost young readers' interest?

By Vera Novais, journalist at Observador, Portugal.

Evidence-based policy

Scientific advice for policy: The European way

By Michele Catanzaro, science journalist, Spain.

Unbiased reporting can help call time on pseudoscience

By Joana Branco, science journalist, Spain.

Climate change: It’s a business matter too

By Michele Catanzaro, science journalist, Spain.

Featured image credit: Alice Donovan Rouseon via unsplash

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