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Data Privacy

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: Data Privacy!

We have prepared a selection of articles and opinions related to how the digital era is going to change our society, in a way that data privacy will never be the same as ever before.

In an exclusive interview with EuroScientist, we learn the views of Dirk Helbing, professor of computational social science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, on what needs to happen to ensure that the digital world best serves our societies and that our privacy is protected.

It is no mystery that technology evolves faster than regulations. Yet, this could have some serious consequences for our privacy in our highly connected word. Each one of use leaves a trail of digital breadcrumbs, which is likely to grow over time as more and more every-day objects are connected to the internet, a field called the Internet of Things.

Learn also about the latest debate related to the Data Privacy Directive, which is one of the consequences of the privacy breaches exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013. This perspective is complemented by a real life example how health data privacy breaches can go horribly wrong, as per the recent scandal which erupted in Denmark.

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The EuroScientist Team!


Data will never be as private as ever before

By Sabine Louët, EuroScientist Editor.

From digital crumbs to privacy

Dirk Helbing: the potential and the perils of Big Data

By Dirk Helbing, professor of computational social science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Big Brother has a big brother: the Internet of Things

By Karlin Lillington, technology journalist, Ireland.

Privacy: an endangered species in a digital world

By Johann Cas, economist, Institute of Technology Assessment, Austria.

Research in an increasingly regulated context

Blowback - Spy scandal threatens European research

By Anthony King, science journalist, Ireland.

One step too far for legendary Danish transparency

By Jens Degett, science journalist, Denmark.

From our recently published archive:

When tech meets fashion

By Janna Degener, science journalist, Germany.

Do you believe your personal data is safe?
Do you resent having your privacy invaded?
What needs to be done to strike the right balance between access to data for societal good and protection of individuals’ privacy?

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