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Champagne to celebrate the 2017 window on science, policy and society

All of EuroScientist’s readers have a role to play in 2017

Scientific knowledge about champagne is like a modern-day metaphor of how research fits in with society. The science of champagne bubbles is complex. A better understanding of what makes its flavour and aromas so unique can help to improve its taste and meet gourmets’ expectations.

Recent findings on the bubbly beverage, unveil the complexity of the neuro-physico-chemical mechanisms responsible for aroma release and flavour perception in champagne. This suggests that appreciating the drink is not only down to its concrete, measurable characteristics –down to the shape of the very last bubble–but also very much depends on how our brain–shaped by cultural expectations–perceives it.

Indeed, French scientists, who have been studying this beverage for many years, are about to publish their latest findings on the life and death of champagne bubbles in early January 2017.

They found that its delicate taste results from the complex interplay between the level of CO2 and the agents responsible for its aroma–the aptly named volatile organic compounds–which are dispersed in champagne. In addition, they discovered that the ambient temperature, the glass shape and the bubbling rate also have an influence in giving champagne its very own taste.

Inspired by the notion that understanding complexity around us gives us a better ability to control end enjoy our environment, EuroScientist operates at the interface of complex synergies, carefully balancing the interplay between science, policy society.

As we are about to enter the New Year, it is time to pause and reflect. We spent the past four years building EuroScientist to what is has become today. Back then, we started with a handful of readers who were our most loyal supporters. Over the past few years, we have refined our formula, experimented with new formats and new editions.

Above all, we have involved the community of our readers at an unprecedented level. We are set to continue in this direction and we would like to invite you to engage even more with EuroScientist in 2017.

All you need is to share your views, by contributing opinion pieces, or even by supporting us through your organisation or directly via individual donations.

You may also contribute to cover our core editorial duties by sponsoring a special issue or a single post.

Don’t forget, we are always grateful when you help to spread our content as widely as possible within your wider circle.

The EuroScientist Team

Featured image credit: MikeBird via Pixabay

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