Cambridge’s BlueSci science magazine now out

A brand new issue under my editorial has just come out in print and online. Here’s my editorial for those interested:

“Welcome to the eleventh issue of BlueSci, your science magazine!
Instead of diving straight in to tell you about what you can read in this issue, I will first tell you about the articles we did not publish. These are the excellent articles submitted by our readers, but there was just not enough space to publish them all this time round.

Among the topics discussed in these articles are the ethical issues surrounding the pollution, kidney transplants and graduate research funding; paranormal research; evolution of human sexuality and cuckoo trickery; defence of the natural selection theory; role of genomics and micro-antibodies in cancer research…If these sound interesting, read on, because we have included equally intriguing articles and worked with authors to make them an informative and easy read for you.

Focusing on synthetic biology, a new field of bio-engineering at whose forefront in Europe are the researchers from the University of Cambridge, we bring you an insightful discussion about the benefits and fallbacks of this fascinating field in our Focus section.

The Arts and Reviews article reviews the science fiction art and discusses just how good sci-fi is in predicting development of new technologies. How our diet and life-style affect our health features in the A Day in the Life of… where Dr Rosemary Hall explains her work and research interests.

History article brings you etymology of the word ‘scientist’, which was coined in Cambridge at a revolutionary time for science. Initiatives article looks into new plagiarism software used by the University of Cambridge while Away from the Bench article brings you adventures of an african rock-art archaeologist. As usual, there is a host of complementary online material: films, podcasts, extended articles and further information about the topics covered.

I hope you enjoy the new issue as much as we enjoyed preparing it.”

Mićo Tatalović

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