Inno Indigo - Indigo Policy final showcasing event

Breaking grounds in research and innovation through Indo-European partnerships

The INNO INDGIO & INDIGO POLICY will hold their Final showcasing event 2017 called, Breaking grounds in research and innovation through Indo-European partnerships to be held on the 26th April 2017 at the Culture and Convention Centre Het Pand in Ghent, Belgium. EuroScientist readers are invited to attend.

India and the European Union have become important research and innovation partners over the past years. One of the most important areas of cooperation is Science, Technology and Innovation. EU-funded projects such as INNO INDGIO & INDIGO POLICY under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development have made a visible contribution.

The event will present final results of both projects, which lasted between 2013 and 2017. Furthermore, the conference will include discussions with a panel of high profile European and Indian experts in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The event has two primary aims and will be split into two consecutive sessions:

1. The first session will focus on the achievements of INNO INDIGO & INDIGO POLICY as instruments for the enhancement of multilateral EU-India STI cooperation since 2013. The projects will showcase some of their key achievements and how they contributed to developing Indo-European STI cooperation.

2. The second session will discuss Indo-European STI cooperation in the broader context of international STI cooperation. Experts from both India and the EU will discuss the following questions in a panel discussion and share their views on strategic ways to move forward: What are the specific benefits of this cooperation for India and the EU compared to other partners/regions of the world? Where are our current strengths and where can untapped potential be found? What are obstacles and how can these be overcome?


The event is aimed at stakeholders from policy & programme management level, who are involved in EU-India Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation.

You are welcome to participate to the Final Showcasing Event via Facebook Live! The event will be streamed partly. Please check for more details on:

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Further details on the projects and the conference:


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