Best wishes for 2017. Take care… and support EuroScientist!

Despite your glass of Champagne, unfortunately you cannot forget the extreme difficulties we are facing to. Mind elevation is strongly required!

Fear has become a common factor in most of our societies. Conflicts are running everywhere revealing many fractures in our foundations. Social inequalities and climate change are following their progression enhancing and accelerating the risk of calamities upon our planet. At the same time, the post-truth concept is largely tapped to strengthen denialism against evidences, to promote private interests facing to general welfare, to run a new arms race and to open new perspectives of witch hunt.

We are looking for peace and we are going to war. The internet is opening our societies, but it boosts fanatics, bad mood and violence. Citizens wish to move the lines for a better future, but authoritarianism and conservatism politics are winning the elections. Huge public debts are motivating austerity for most, when same amounts of private reserves are stored in fiscal niches. 1% of the population have accumulated more than the resting 99%. New clean processes are available for energy and agriculture, but fossil energies and chemically-assisted agriculture still dictate their rules. Eco-socialism should logically gain a massive support from the middle class, but remakes of national-socialism are knocking on the door. We are extremely focused to improve our health, but we compulsively destroy it by producing pollution and poverty. We ask for respecting the common good, but we cannot either eradicate the corruption nor control the abuse of private and egoist interests. What a heritage for our children!

Credit: Moebius


Facing to that, EuroScientist wishes our scientific communities to strongly consider adopting a convincing and generous cooperative attitude to animate our politicians and our elites towards a responsible and evidence-based route. Science must by nature seriously consider the lessons from the past. No more division nor destruction: science ought to be a key pillar in rebuilding a sustainable world where humans and nature can live in peace. This is now possible, while it will be considerably more difficult if we wait too much. If in our own scientific sphere we all consider applying ethics, integrity, trust, generosity, sharing and so on, we should end 2017 with a better perspective. We can do it, switching from competition to cooperation, reducing the distance between the bottom and the top while improving the gender balance!

The second EuroScientist’s wish is to follow its route during this complex year giving pulse to this hot debate, to you and to more and more readers. For that, we decidedly need your support. This is the way to promote an inspiring levitation combined with a lot of work at EuroScientist then to direct us to new promising perspectives.

So, welcome to practise giftivism! Help us and it will favour our sustainability! Many of you giving a little something for your friends will help so much in developing EuroScientist and in following its big goals! By sending this message to our friends then to their friends and so on, the Homo Scientificus Europaeus’ community will undoubtedly open 2017 towards a promising bottom-up direction inspired by pronoia!

Are you looking to fortify your happiness and to tackle the dark fatalism surrounding us? Watch the great videos performed by the “Playing for Change” Foundation with some unforgettable hits…

“What’s going on”“Everyday people”“Don’t worry”, “Clandestino”“Redemption Song”“Higher ground”“Imagine”“One love”“Teach your Children”“La bamba”“United”.


Gilles Mirambeau

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2 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2017. Take care… and support EuroScientist!”

  1. Cher Gilles – Bon Annee !

    And thanks for your inspirational posts and updates. It’s interesting (and concerning) to learn that fear is also prevalent away from the English-speaking world. That’s not to say that there are not concerns and challenges, but fear can paralyse, and as a result, solutions will be lost (a loss of “boldness” – see Frank Furedi’s book “Culture of Fear”). Science must be in the vanguard of hope, via the provision of leadership in responding to our challenges. Best wishes to all for 2017.

  2. Very well resumed indeed, and nicely said! 2017 has to become a year of resurgence. Thanks to the deplorable state of things quite well laid in Mirambeau editorial, there isn’t much to hope for… Wait a minute! On the contrary, the upcoming of all these negative attitudes and world tendencies should tickle us enough into fighting back.
    Global fear must, should, has to entice us to stand up to this. We owe it to our children as much as we owe it to the simple insect, the unbothered bacteria, the unnoticed particle.
    Happy New Year!