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After a Biology degree in Lisbon and following a PhD in Developmental Biology at the NIMR/UCL in London, Sara specialised in germ cell development and lipid signalling at the Skirball Institute/NYU Medical Center in New York. She moved to Barcelona to establish her own research lines, on the principles of in vivo single cell motility and cell biology of germ cells during development. More recently, Sara has also co-founded a scientific editing and consultancy service. She is an active member of advisory committees and associations, including the MCAA, where she belonged to the board of the Spain-Portugal chapter and now serves as board member, having an active role in Science Policy.

The “Lost Generation” of European Scientists: How can we make the system more sustainable?

The "Lost Generation" refers to the growing cohort of senior post-doctoral researchers and other scientists who, after completing short-term contracts and temporary positions, find themselves excluded from research careers due to the lack of opportunities for permanent research positions. This cohort must contend with a ‘game’ whose rules no longer apply in today’s overcrowded and hyper-competitive research environment. Often, the difficulty in obtaining a full-time research position is further exacerbated by geographical, social, and familial constraints, and a lack of transferable skills that would enable a career switch. The loss of these highly trained individuals to our research institutions and to industry creates instability and represents an inefficient use of human talent and financial resources. Although the problem is not new, it is a critical issue and more needs to be done to address the needs of this cohort. Our goal is to launch a discussion with all relevant stakeholders toward actionable ideas to these systemic problems. Read more [...]