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Rosie has a degree in physics and started her career working in research in particle physics at the LHC, CERN. She now works in Knowledge Management for the science and engineering sector, which involves addressing the challenges complex organisations face in using and passing on technical knowledge. She is a qualified teacher of Mathematics and Physics, and previously: editor of the New Journal of Physics, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical and the Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, as well as science advisor for Stephen Hawking’s 2008 Channel Four and US Discovery documentary ‘Master of the Universe’.

The hour of the amateur scientist – FTL neutrinos part 2

So. There have been lots of responses to my last article on the faster than light neutrinos. Some readers have asked me to explain to them the consequences of the measurement being correct. Others have been interested to hear more about the changing landscape of digital publishing. While a rare few were quietly satisfied with the idea that the neutrino result was well off being a ‘discovery’, and that we would have to wait patiently for a few years to find out what it might all mean. Read more [...]