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Michael is currently studying for a DPhil in Zoology at the University of Oxford. After graduating in Biochemistry from Oxford in 2006, he has spent the last four years working in higher education and research policy at the Association of Medical Research Charities and then at the Russell Group of Universities. Despite his decision to return to academia, he retains a keen interest in science policy, communication, and in the science-business interface.

Scientists – come meet the investors

The atmosphere has grown tense in the small lecture theatre, where the visibly frosty eyes of 200 or so wealthy investors are fixed upon the charts displayed on the projector in front of them. They are here to discuss the progress of their investments in a small UK venture capital firm, which specialises in investing in early-stage science and technology companies. For many in the room, progress has not been good - and they aren’t happy about it. Read more [...]