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Full Professor of Algebra at the University of Trieste, Italy, she has great experience in managing of public and private research institutions. President of the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics and former President of CBM, public-private Cluster in Biomedicine and of AREA Science Park of Trieste. Commander, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Professor Pedicchio is also a member of ESOF 2020 Trieste Steering Committee.

The new Yellow-Green Italian Government

There is a refreshing new tone both in the Italian Parliament and Government. A rejuvenated politics, with a shot of populism generated a government of Parties bitterly opposing until the very last minute. The new, Yellow-Green Government, known as “Government of change”, is leaded by a coalition between the two Parties “League” and “Five Stars Movement”; they signed a “Government contract” of about 50 pages and 30 points. We do some considerations on the Research strategy proposed in the contract with specific attention to human resources in research. Talents attraction represents a point of concern. A short comment on Trieste ESOF is also included. Read more [...]

Reengineering Italian research

For many years, we have been witnessing a paradox in Italian research. On the one hand, we have heard the frequent declarations by politicians and institutions on the importance of research and researchers. On the other hand, the same policy makers have been imposing budget cuts and constraints to scientists. The scientific community has thus expressed justified concerns. Read more [...]