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As a freelance journalist Koen is working for print as well as for digital media, for the general and the specialised press. Individually or as a member of a team he also realised several articles about history and some books. Having his office in Wommelgem (Belgium), near Antwerp, he is working along the Benelux, France and Germany.

Tenure track: key to attract top talent?

Recruiting and retaining the best researchers is a key challenge for Europe. Talks about introducing an attractive career structures with prospects for advancement, such as a tenure track, are ripe. Well-established in the US and increasingly in the UK, tenure track provides a clear, merit-based system that takes excellent researchers from postdoc to professor. But even if it is desirable, it does not guarantee more time for research given the increasingly bureaucratic nature of the job of university professor. Read more [...]

What the new EU unitary patent means for academics

The signature, on 19th February 2013, on a long awaited unitary patent, that is unlikely to be used in Italy, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria, opens the door for the implementation, on 1st January 2014, of a new European patent. This new single EU patent may contribute to increasing acceptance of the inclusion of patents—and not mainly peer-reviewed papers in most influential journals—as brownie points during academic career evaluation or grant award evaluation. Read more [...]