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Johann Čas is an economist, researcher specialised in the societal impacts of information and communication technologies, at the Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna. His current work focuses on data protection and privacy in the information society, privacy-enhancing technologies and their deployment within ambient intelligence, security technologies and health related applications. He was the coordinator of the SurPRISE research project.

Privacy: an endangered species in a digital world

Surveillance and security technologies do not exist in a vacuum. This is why it matters to study societal impacts and compliance with fundamental rights and values of citizens. Find out the perspective of Johann Čas, an economist from the Institute of Technology Assessment, at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, in Vienna. In an opinion piece, he talks about the findings of one of his latest projects, SurPRISE, which consulted 2,000 European citizens on their views of different security technologies and surveillance measures. This lead to interesting finding on what is acceptable to them in terms of security versus privacy trade-off. Read more [...]