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Clémentine Schilte, PhD in immunology, was hired in 2014, by the newly created center for translational science at Institut Pasteur, with the purpose of improving the dialogue between researchers and clinicians. Her work at Institut Pasteur focuses on creating events and trainings in that sense. More recently she started to work on the involvement of patients in research.

Patients and researchers towards a new dialogue

How can patients take part in the research that directly concern them? How should they start to first interact with researchers? What incentives exist to facilitate the dialogue between researchers and patients? This article shares lessons learned during our workshop at ESOF conference in Toulouse collecting best practices from various European countries. Read more [...]

How to involve patients in health research?

Patients are the end users of health research; however, they are still rarely implicated in health research. In the 80’s HIV patients have revolted against this position and have invited themselves to scientific conferences and they have contributed to a major change in patient involvement in HIV research. How have other fields of biomedical research, like rare disease research or cancer research, been inspired by this unique experience? Read more [...]