As little as 2 Euros per reader to provide a truly independent magazine

Dear Readers,

As little as 2 Euros per reader would help us tremendously to continue covering various issues related to European research independently, in the same way that we have covered Research Austerity.

We need your support now!

Publishing a magazine takes a lot of time, effort and dedication.

In particular, a webzine such as EuroScientist, based on crowdsourcing and representing the variety of voices from across Europe and beyond, requires hours and hours of filtering information and the expert eye of its editor to identify latest trends, fields of interest and growing topic of concern. The editor also recruits experienced journalists to cover most topical stories, such as our debate on research excellence or on the psychology of funding cuts.

We therefore need to pay our editor and our journalists; the latter are among the most talented science journalists in Europe.

We also need to have a site that is pleasant to read. This explains the importance of setting aside a budget for suitable illustrations and photographs.

Finally, we need to perform quality control on the articles, with the help of a copy editor.

To ensure that the content of the site is accessible 24/7, we also need support from an IT team to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of the site.

All these people need to be paid, as they are professionals and do not work on a voluntary basis.

With only two euros per reader, we believe we can provide you with a magazine that is sustainable.

It is simple mathematics. There are several millions of scientists in Europe. And if only a small percentage of researchers support us, we can deliver a high-quality magazine made possible by the online publishing solutions available for free.

Above all, by supporting us, what you would be supporting is the EuroScientist’s independent editorial content. Since the magazine will only be accountable to its readers, this approach equates to guaranteeing the editorial independence of the magazine. It would therefore not be subjected to any of the financial and editorial pressures that affect traditional publishing, including the most notorious peer-reviewed journals and the main stream media.

EuroScientist is not-for-profit organisation but still requires a minimum amount of support to exist.

Now is the time to support us, by visiting our crowdfunding page.

Many thanks to our existing supporters. We are grateful for your interest in our magazine.

Featured image credit: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Curtis Perry

Sabine Louët

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