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  1. Christos
    17 October, 2017

    Hello, I’m a firm believer that combining arts with science and science with arts should be a never ending cycle. Compelling art hides scientific facts and clear, whole objective understanding of our world (science) will help for a deeper understanding of the cosmos and ourselves. Those two are pushing each other forward.

    I will give an example that resonates the most with me. When I dj in order to have the most effect with the most of the audience I try to structure the tracks based on their intensity to form a sine wave with a gradual changing in its period and amplitude to keep it interesting and easy to listen too.
    The diagram of the set’s intensity has similarities with the diagram of our sun’s activity the last 400years and it wasn’t done intentionaly.

    Smooth transitions while trying to keep balance between the elements of the track is the main goal and thus it can correlate with successful politics and economics and the structure of our societies.

    So far all countries only try to have a rising diagram which first gave us all the goodies but as the speed adjusted by the governments are getting steeper for continuing growth and progress we have resulted with significant amount of people having anxiety disorders or depression or not wanting to follow the driving force anymore. There must be a system which drives the intensity of our social status and gives a rhythm that most people want to “dance” to and be part of, feel secure and happy. Then we will the breath to go even steeper.

    From my naive understanding the cosmos evolves in smooth ways. That doesn’t mean there aren’t powerful records being played with enormous intensity but they are played at a moment which makes sense if you understand how the set flows.

  2. Siegmund Fischer
    25 July, 2017

    I’M A RETIRED SCIENTIST (DR. INSERM -France). Much interested in the frontiers of science and various expression of art, like mosaique; vitraux;glass painting and others. Interested in receiving publications/ notice of meetings/ and others.

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