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All about cuts: Special Issue on research austerity

We are preparing a Special Issue on the effect of austerity on research, due to be published next week.

So watch this space!

This Special Issue is the first example of what the relaunched version of EuroScientist is designed to do, as a participatory magazine. You will therefore be able to share your views on how research in your country is withering the winds of austerity blowing over Europe.

This initiative is designed to stimulate a discussion. Hopefully, this will contribute to bringing some elements of response to ensure long-term sustainability of research in Europe.

Thanks for sharing articles from EuroScientist with your colleagues and friends, so that they can join our growing readership.

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EuroScientist is looking for contributors!

If you would like to write guest posts in EuroScientist magazine, send us your suggestions of articles at

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