About EuroScientist

EuroScientist is the online publication of  EuroScience, the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, which promotes its members as important actors for science in Europe.

We encourage science communication and dialogue on science with and for society, with a focus on issues at the interface between science, science policy and society in Europe. The webzine also aims to showcase scientific advances and contributes to scientific debate on topics related to innovation and the scientific workforce (such as inclusivity, work-life balance and career advice). We publish articles, opinions, podcasts and expert perspectives.

We welcome your suggestions for guest articles from community members on topics that you feel should be brought to the attention of the rest of the community. You may also make suggestion for topics of articles you would like to read about in the magazine.

Disclaimer: views expressed on EuroScientist are the responsibility of the authors and do not represent necessarily EuroScience’s position.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that EuroScientist reflects the diversity of voices of scientists and those working in fields related to science and on matters related to research. Our motto is: “European science conversations by the community, for the community.”

EuroScientist is a webzine designed to enable members of the European science community and others, including policy makers, to share opinions and perspectives on current issues. It also aims, to a large extend, at furthering the debate on topical issues.

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For general queries, partnerships, publications of articles, please contact:
editor (at) euroscientist.com.
In order to reach the EuroScience association, please contact
office(at) euroscience.org.

European science conversations by the community, for the community

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